Abortion of 7-Month-Old Fetus in China Inspires Children's Defense Fund

Texas-based Christian human rights organization ChinaAid has launched a defense fund to fight against forced abortions in China in light of the recent case involving a seven-month pregnant woman forced by family planning officials to undergo the procedure.

"In past few weeks we have received numerous cases of urgent need with couples who are pregnant and facing possible forced abortions and they don't have the legal council or the financial support to fight against them," ChinaAid President and founder Bob Fu.told The Christian Post.

On Friday, ChinaAid announced that it would be launching the Children's Defense Fund to enable families across China who are being targeted by the country's controversial one-child policy to hire human rights lawyers to defend them.

The defense fund was launched last week in light of the highly publicized – and widely condemned – illegal forced abortion case of 25-year-old Feng Jianmei.

On June 3, local family planning officials reportedly dragged a seven-month pregnant Feng, a resident of Zhenping City in China's Shanxi Province, from her home for a forced abortion. The case came to light after human rights organizations posted images of Feng lying on a hospital bed next to the bloodied body of her stillborn daughter on the Internet.

"A life was lost unnecessarily on June 3," Fu said. "Unfortunately, millions of lives are lost each year in similar circumstances."

Chinese officials admitted that what was done to Feng was illegal, and have called her case a "serious violation" of the family planning policy. Chinese state-owned media have also broken their silence on the case, labeling the forced abortion as murder, according to Fu.

The human rights organization believes the actions taken thus far are "positive first steps" on behalf of the Chinese government, but maintains that holding those accountable for the forced abortion will be key – as will the eventual dissolving of its one-child policy altogether.

"The Chinese population control policy is based on a basic ideology," Fu said. "From the experience of the international world and the Chinese experience, this policy will produce more disaster than help. Right now China is facing a gender imbalance with 20 million Chinese boys unable to find wives – this policy is set to produce horrible results."

"For our sake China should abolish its one-child policy totally and let women volunteer to have their own family planning based on their own conscience. The state does not own the birth rights of women and families and it's totally unacceptable," Fu told CP. "Furthermore, as a Christian, I think God has provided sufficient resources for all the population He has created."

Despite the recent tragedy, Fu believes that it is the actions and condemnation on behalf of the international community, Chinese citizens and people around the world that will make a difference in China's forced abortion cases and help put an end to the communist country's one-child policy.

"I want to encourage CP readers to pray, to be aware, and support these organizations that are protecting lives," Fu said.

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