Alicia Keys Crane Movers: $1,000 Crane Life to Move Couch? (PHOTO)

Alicia Keys is on the move. The R&B singer has begun to move out from her New York City penthouse, but thanks to cramped space it appears that special help was required for the job.

Keys currently lives in a $15 million Soho apartment with her husband, Swizz Beatz. But in October it was reported that the couple was in contract for a new home in Englewood, New Jersey. The couple paid $12 million for the mansion, according to the Daily News.

In order to move some particularly large pieces of furniture through her current Manhattan abode however, it appeared that Keys had to enlist some special help. That help came in the form of a construction crane. Keys used the crane to remove heavy pieces from her penthouse directly to the ground, skipping the whole stair/elevator process, according to TMZ. A typical crane costs about a $1,000 a day to rent the site reported.

But Keys will have much more room to fit her stuff in the new place, no crane required. Her new mansion in Jersey will have 5 acres of land verses the 6,000 square feet that she had become accustomed to in New York. The mansion was previously owned by Eddie Murphy and had been listed for $30 million some years ago. The amenities in the house include a bowling alley, indoor pool, marble fireplaces, and private recording studio, according to the Daily News.

Keys originally grew up in Manhattan Plaza, an affordable housing unit in the city that provides accommodation to artists. In her career as an artist Keys has won fifteen Grammy awards, including five for her first album which debuted in 2002.

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