Amy Adams Reveals Intimidation on 'Trouble With the Curve'

Actress Amy Adams is not afraid of much, but working with Clint Eastwood shook her to her core. Adams and Eastwood star in the new film, "Trouble With the Curve," and Eastwood directed the film.

"Yeah, it's completely intimidating," she told Access Hollywood. "I definitely wanted to please him, but I had to get over that as I was playing his daughter who is not impressed with him at all. I had to shake that to convincingly play someone who was at odds."

"Curve" centers on the father-daughter relationship between an aging baseball scout (Eastwood) and his daughter (Adams). The two embark on a final scouting trip together and learn more about one another along the way. As Eastwood's character ages, he realizes that his sight is not what it used to be, preventing him from doing his job well.

Adams then steps into his role and helps him adjust to his new life. One of the hardest things Adams had to do was "hide [the admiration] typically. It's hard for me to turn on and off. If I thinking too much about what he's thinking, or trying to impress him, I won't be able to do a scene where I'm trying to communicate honestly," she admitted.

The film marks Eastwood's return to the big screen since 2008's "Gran Torino." Fans are eager to have him back on film, and his performance at the Republican National Convention may have them wondering whether Eastwood can still hold his own on-screen.

Adams has enjoyed a successful career and appeared in such films as "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby," "Enchanted," "Doubt," and new film "The Master." It was recently revealed that she will reprise her role as Giselle in a sequel to "Enchanted."

"Trouble With the Curve" opens in theaters on Friday, Sept. 21.