Angel Tree Partners with K-LOVE to Bring Christmas Joy and the Gospel to Children of Convicts

K-LOVE and Angel Tree announced a special partnership for a Fall Pledge Drive that will see the two working together to make a difference in the lives of prisoners' children.

Angel Tree is a program of Prison Fellowship Ministries that take care of incarcerated people's children for Christmas. Everytime someone donates a $40 per month commitment to K-LOVE, Prison Fellowship will give one gift to an Angel Tree child for Christmas. In addition, they will hear the Gospel, and receive a message of love from their parent who is still imprisoned.

"Through the delivery of a Christmas gift and the Gospel given on behalf of the incarcerated parent, Angel Tree boys and girls are given the free gift of salvation, feel loved and remembered by their parent, and experience the simple joys of the Christmas season. Angel Tree also provides ministry to the children through its summer camping program and promotes family reconciliation through discipleship and mentoring," the What We Do section on their site says.

Angel Tree, hopes to reach out to 425,000 children this Christmas, and K-LOVE's network of 460 radio outlets are promoting the ministry on air and with their social media networks and their website,

The K-LOVE pledge drive begins tomorrow, October 1.

Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree is estimated to reach up to 2.7 million children in the United States who have a parent in jail. It is also the only organization who specifically caters to this unique group of children.

Angel Tree has helped reach over 9 million children since their inception in 1982. They have done so by partnering with local churches to provide Christmas gifts and the gospel.

For those interested in donating to the cause, they can visit

"Each $12.25 you send right now will help give a little boy or girl a special Christmas gift and introduce them to their Heavenly Father. Through your gift, you will serve as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and share His love with prisoners and their children," the site says. "There are 425,000 Angel Tree children that we need to reach this Christmas-but we can only reach them through the help of generous friends like you."