Ann Curry's $2.9M Home Used by Homeless Man for Past Year

A homeless man has lived in Ann Curry’s Manhattan brownstone for almost a year, unbeknownst to the television show host. The man was taken to a homeless shelter by Curry’s neighbor after he was noticed sleeping in the entrance of the $2.9 million home.

The man found on Saturday is the second homeless person discovered to have taken shelter in the four-story townhouse. The “Today” show host bought the home in 2003 with husband Brian Ross, and the couple has been renovating the building since. Construction slowed down after Curry received 25 code violations as well as a lawsuit from neighbors over noise and debris.

The New York Post spoke to the homeless man who has been using Curry’s home. He told the paper that he did not know who Ann Curry was, saying, “Ann Curry means crap to me!”

The man would not reveal his name, but said that he moved into the home on the Upper West Side “because they chased me out of Central Park.”

He explained that he had been living there on and off since last winter when contractors failed to lock the building. The Upper West Side, he said, is his neighborhood.

“I’m not a drug addict, I just don’t have a place to live,” he added.

He also made an offer to leave, saying, “I’ll go back if someone says, ‘Here’s the key. Maintain the building.’”

A “Today” show coworker commented on the situation, saying Curry is “surrounded by dying children, heavily-armed warlords and pirates,” and that “the townhouse is not exactly something she’s focusing on.”

The two-time Emmy Award winning reporter has worked as co-anchor on the “Today” show for fourteen years. Curry and her husband currently live in a co-op in Gramercy Park.

A spokesperson for NBC released a statement saying, “Ann Curry is currently traveling to Africa to cover the humanitarian crisis and could not be reached for comment.”