Another Harold Camping? New York City Author 'Confirms' Oct. 21 Doomsday

Lest Harold Camping get all the credit for wrongly predicting a May 21 doomsday, a retired electrical engineer from New York has spoken out purporting that his calculations support Camping's claim of an Oct. 21 judgment, which will be physical, rather than spiritual like in May.

Robert Fitzpatrick, 60, does not own a lucrative radio station to broadcast his views, but like Camping, he is a trained engineer who uses his mathematics skills to devise numerical formulas based on biblical passages to figure out when the world is supposed to end.

Fitzpatrick, an admitted admirer of Camping, came up with the same doomsday date as Camping and, like his mentor, put his findings into a book, titled The Doomsday Code

Also like the 90-year-old Camping, Fitzpatrick felt compelled to warn as many people as possible about the end of the world and spent a lot of money to do so. A big difference between the two men, however, is that Camping amassed millions of dollars in donations to spread the world. Fitzpatrick, on the other hand, spent most of his life savings – about $140,000, according to CBS News.

Nevertheless, a limited budget did not prevent Fitzpatrick from trying to save as many souls as possible by getting people to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior before they would be swallowed by the earth and engulfed in eternal flames.

"There will be a great earthquake. There will be a resurrection. People who God has saved from Creation until now who have died will be resurrected to life," Fitzpatrick said in a YouTube video.

He added: "People who are not saved will remain behind and they will experience Judgment Day. There will be a tremendous earthquake and life will no longer be able to continue the way it is now. There won't be any electricity, no water, there will be starvation. It will be terrible."

However, that did not happen.

"I do not understand," Fitzpatrick said on May 21, the New York Daily News reported. "I do not understand why nothing has happened."

The reaction was similar to Camping's, who said he was "flabbergasted" that the world did not end on May 21.

Fitzpatrick did not give up. He, like Camping, recalculated. He then came to the same conclusion as Camping: the May 21 date was just a "spiritual" rapture. The "physical" rapture will occur October 21.

"We understand May 21 now as the date in which God brought spiritual judgment," Fitzpatrick told the Staten Island Advance.

"It looks like that was the last date that God was saving anyone," which is why Fitzpatrick will not be spending more money on ads warning people of doomsday.

According to Fitzpatrick, there is nothing you can do now if you have not been saved already. God has already made His decision.

Fitzpatrick's book, The Doomsday Code, published in April 2010, had a 2.5-star rating on Amazaon, based on 15 reviews.

One reviewer, commenting in March of this year, wrote: "Why sell it? Why not give it away or sell it for a nominal price like $1? What use is money to you if you are a true believer? Sell it at cost or below! There are souls to be saved!"

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