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Artist Michael Milton Talks Jesus, War on Christmas

Artist Michael Milton Talks Jesus, War on Christmas

There are many multitalented people in the world but few like Michael A. Milton. Seeing the Music for Missions recording artist as a musician would just be scratching the surface. Pastor, seminary chancellor, and army chaplain are just a few roles that Milton has but he’s made time this year to return with a stirring theological Christmas single and to offer sound words to the “War on Christmas.”

Working on his fourth album, the sophisticated and smooth voiced Milton has graced his fans with a Christmas single that delivers the depths of theological truths, wrapped in everyday language.

Milton, who has a doctorate in theology from the University of Wales, recently released “When Heaven Came Down” which not only captures the incarnation of Jesus but unlike most Christmas songs, completes the story with the second advent of Jesus, leaving the listeners thinking of eternity.

“It was important to me because I think its important to Scripture. It's important in that, this is what is communicated. The advent of Jesus Christ comes to us in a sense, in three ways,” Milton told BREATHEcast.

“It is prophesied. There is a coming advent, a first advent – advent happened. And then there is the very nativity, the very advent of Jesus which is the culmination of that. And then there is the fact that he comes to us.”

“There is a timeless advent, if you will, and that is the personal coming of Jesus Christ to person that opens his or her heart in repentance and faith to the Lord Jesus," he continued. "So there is the first coming, a timeless coming, and then there is a literal, physical second coming when ... the King of Kings and Lord of Lord appears.”

“I believe that Scripture emphasizes these aspects of His advent and I wanted to emphasize those as well.”

“When Heaven Came Down” features three movements that takes the listener on the journey through Jesus’ life.

The song opens with the voices of children and Christmas Eve service attendants settling down as the choir sings “Once in Royal David’s City.” The opening movement fades into “When Heaven Came Down” as the choir sings “He came down to earth from heaven.”

The beautiful duet of “When Heaven Came Down” which features the lovely vocals Milton’s duet partner Cindy Gibbs, fades into the majestic third movement that takes the listeners into the second advent of Jesus. 

Milton, also a published author and followed blogger, is not only offering something valuable to Christmas music this year but has offered words concerning the “War on Christmas.”

With many atheist groups working to remove any faith related symbols from public areas including Nativity scenes and the phrase “Merry Christmas” with hopes of replacing it with politically correct and all inclusive phrases such as “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greeting,” many analysts have called this push a “War on Christmas.”

With a string of these events occurring, many have wondered if Christians should keep the peace and be politically correct or do otherwise. The theologian shared his thoughts on the matter with BREATHEcast.



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