Asking God 'Why?'

Not all that long ago, if you needed an answer to something, you had to talk to a human being. Or, you had to look it up in something called a book. There once were people who sold encyclopedias, and people would invest in a big set of books to have in their libraries. Well, those days are pretty much gone. All we have to do today is go to a search engine and ask a question, or we can ask Siri.

The problem, however, is that any random person can give you any random answer. Just because something is on the Internet doesn't mean that it's true. I read about some actual questions people typed into the Yahoo search engine. One person asked, "Will my laptop get heavier if I put more files on it?" Another queried, "So you think humans will ever walk on the sun?" I love the answer one person gave to that question: "The best answer would be yes, but it would have to be at night." Here's another one: "Is it illegal to kill an ant?"

Then there were serious questions that people asked: "Why is there suffering in the world?" and "What happens after we die?" These questions are not new to the 21st century or even the 20th or 19th centuries. In fact, these were questions people were effectively asking in the first century, during the time of Christ himself.

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