Atheists Against Abortion?

 A blogger at Patheos, who defines herself as a "feminist, progressive and nonbeliever," has responded to a recent post published by the "Friendly Atheist" Hemant Mehta featuring a pro-life humanist, by saying atheist opposition to abortion is not surprising at all.

The post titled, "Yes, There Are Pro-Life Atheists Out There. Here's Why I'm One of Them," by Kristine Kruszelnicki, president of Pro-Life Humanists, created quite the brouhaha, writes Libby Anne, who was "raised in an evangelical family, was homeschooled."

But why can't atheists be against abortion, questions Anne, who blogs about "all sorts of issues, but especially about the trials and joys of leaving fundamentalist and evangelical religion… everything about Christian Right politics."

We need to get away from the assumption that atheist are "politically and socially progressive," she argued.