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Atheists Angry Over Third Grade Science Quiz That Says 'God Designed Gravity'

Atheists Angry Over Third Grade Science Quiz That Says 'God Designed Gravity'

The Internet is in an uproar over a recent viral photo of what appears to be a third grade science quiz from a private, religious school in Florida that says "gravity was designed by God."

Fourth grade science quiz from private religious school in Florida asks questions about God and gravity. | (Photo: Reddit/Dtooth0)

A photo of the quiz was uploaded to the "WTF" thread of the image sharing website Reddit on Tuesday by username Dtooth0, who claims the quiz is real and was a part of his daughter's curriculum at a private Christian school in Florida. Although the man does not name the school for privacy reasons, he does write in the comments section of the Reddit thread that the school is accredited and that the quiz given to the students holds a copyright from an instate Christian University.

The quiz includes five multiple choice answers relating to gravitational pull, including "Gravity is the force that holds the sun, moon, and planets in place" and "without gravity we would be pulled into outer space." Then, there are two questions at the bottom that seem to be attracting the ire of some atheist Reddit commenters. One reads: "People who do not believe in God do not believe in gravity," and the other one reads "Christians know that gravity was designed by our God."

"I so wish it were fake," Dtooth0 writes. The man explains that he and his wife chose to send their daughter to the private school because they live in an area where most public schools are sub-standard. He adds that he has been pleased with the school's teaching of religion and often discusses religious topics with his child at home, but he is "livid" over the "monstrosity" of a science exam his daughter recently showed him, and is questioning and confronting the teacher about it.

"So my question to Reddit is am I being hypocritical by putting my child in this environment and then being shocked by the outcome? Or should I have a straightforward conversation her teacher and move on?"

Viewers on the Reddit page have provided mixed reactions to the science quiz. While some criticize the quiz for being too religious, other argue that the poster's daughter goes to a private religious school and therefore the school is allowed to teach what it chooses. "I think you need to expect these things when enrolling your child in a private religious school. If this was a public school, or a private secular school I can understand the upset. But in a private religious school, this comes with the territory," one commenter writes.

This recent viral photo is reminiscent of a photo from last year that showed a South Carolina Christian school's fourth grade science quiz that included questions relating to creationism. Although the quiz was initially uploaded to the atheist page on Reddit and criticized by many, it also resulted in massive donations being given to the school, Blue Ridge Christian Academy in Landrum, S.C., for its dedication to teaching about Christ.

"It is unmistakable that our culture greatly needs well-equipped warriors for Christ. Even though the attack on the school was meant to be harmful, God has used it to provide affirmation regarding the importance of our work," Diana Baker, an administrator at the school, said in a press release statement regarding donations she received from Answers in Genesis and others. The school has since closed due to financial troubles.


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