'Avatar 2' Release Date Could Be December 2016

The highest-grossing film ever, "Avatar," is going to get a sequel in a few years as filming will begin early 2015. No one knows when the actual film is coming out but there are talks that the title will get three sequels in the coming years.


Zoe Saldana, the actress who plays as Neytiri in the film, is set to be cast in those sequels alongside two other blockbuster film sequels. The actress has told Vulture that her agents are currently prepping her first for the filming of the "Avatar" sequel. Her schedule isn't totally of her choosing, however, as her agents are the ones taking care of it.

"It's the producers for every movie and my agents who have to plan it," Saldana says to Vulture. "I do know that Avatar is coming first. It's been the one in line for a while now, and we're just waiting for Jim to give us the green light so it can happen early next year. My backpack is ready!"

"Avatar 2" will also be filmed in Los Angeles and, according to Saldana, will be easier for her since she lives there.

There are still no confirmed premiere dates for the sequels but it is speculated that the sequel will come out sometime in the holidays of 2016, with "Avatar 3" to follow the year, and then "Avatar 4" after that.

Saldana is also going to be busy shooting for the "Guardians of the Galaxy sequel," where she plays as the assassin Gamora. Her role as Uhura in the "Star Trek" franchise will also be keeping her busy.