Bachmann, Trump to Meet for 4th Time in New York Monday

GOP presidential contender Michele Bachmann will be meeting with real estate mogul Donald Trump at New York City’s Trump Tower on Monday.

Monday will mark the fourth meeting between the two Republicans since the Minnesota congresswoman decided to run as a presidential candidate.

The meeting should last around an hour, according to Bachmann’s Communications Director Alice Stewart.

Stewart told CNN of the meeting, “He called the other day … and she’d mentioned she was going to be in New York.”

While in New York, Bachmann will also be filming a show for “Late Night with Jimmy Fallin.”

Trump has held meetings with several of the GOP candidates and the last time the businessman met with Bachmann was in mid-October.

Shortly after their October meeting, Bachmann and Trump participated in a “tele-townhall” event together.

Bachmann told her supporters in an email that the town hall event would be an “incredible opportunity" for people to hear from a businessman about how President Obama’s “failed policies are crippling our nation’s job creators.”

Trump made national headlines earlier in the year for vehemently questioning the birthplace of President Obama and for teasing with the possibility of his own presidential run.

Although Trump expressed that he was certain that he would have won the political race, he decided against running as business is his “greatest passion.”

The reality television star and real estate mogul has yet to endorse a Republican candidate. However, Trump has come out to support Bachmann in the past, arguing that she had been unfairly treated by the media in August filming of NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“Michele was so unfairly treated. I’ve never seen – I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it,” he told Fox News.

Trump recently announced that he would make a decision on which Republican candidate he would be endorsing within the next month. However, many political commentators speculate the significance of an endorsement from the businessman.