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Bernie Madoff and Wife Attempted Suicide: Pastor Suggests Time for a Spiritual Awakening (VIDEO)

Christmas Eve Attempt Fails

On Christmas Eve 2008, two weeks after confessing to running the world’s largest Ponzi scheme, Bernard L. Madoff and his wife Ruth attempted suicide in their Manhattan penthouse.

 Madoffs Try Suicide: Ruth Madoff Tells 60 Minutes

Mrs. Madoff made the shocking confession on the CBS 60 Minutes program that will air on Sunday, Oct. 30.

Using a combination of the sleeping pill Ambien and the antidepressant Klonopin, the two went to bed after taking the pills expecting never to wake again.

They did awaken, and Ruth Madoff is glad of it. Her husband will spend the rest of his life behind bars, sentenced to 150 years in prison for bilking his investors out of billions of dollars.

Pastor Don Wilkerson, co-founder and former pastor of Times Square Church in New York City talked with The Christian Post, and said that the depths of depression are actually a time for spiritual awakening.  “When a person gets down that low, that’s a time to cry out to God. [He} certainly sees people at their lowest depths. It’s really in despair that we learn to cry out.”

However, 73-year-old Ruth Madoff will be able to start life again, never being charged with a crime, and disavowing any knowledge of the largest Ponzi Scheme in history.

None of the other Madoff family members have been implicated or charged in the $64 billion rip-off, nonetheless the Madoff's oldest son, Mark, hanged himself in his New York apartment on Dec. 11, 2010, two years after his father confessed.

The Madoff's two sons had turned their father in to authorities two weeks before their parents' attempted suicide.  

The entire family has been viewed with suspicion by those who lost money with Bernie Madoff saying there was no way they couldn't have known about his $65 billion house of cards. 

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