Beyonce Releases 'Love On Top' Video: Plagiarizing Again?

Beyoncé has released the music video, inspired by other sources, for her song “Love On Top,” just one week after the video premiere of “Countdown” – which resulted in accusations of plagiarism.

Incorporating ideas from the boy band New Edition’s “If It Isn’t Love” video, Beyoncé could be accused of plagiarism yet again.

The singer flaunted her curvy figure and donned several edgy costumes while singing the song, made famous during MTV’s 2011 VMA’s.

“Love On Top” pulled from New Edition's use of a group dance scene filmed in a studio. Similarly, the video for "Countdown" used “many references” to past videos.

Fans posted reactions to the “Love On Top” video premiere on Twitter, comparing it to “Countdown” and pointing out references made in both videos to older works.

One Twitter user, Jeff, wrote: “I love that Beyoncé is simply paying homage to lots of old videos with every one of her new videos! Can’t wait for [track] Party!”

Facing accusations of plagiarizing dance moves in “Countdown,” the singer released a statement explaining her nods to videos of the past.

Acknowledging that the 22-second dance routine in the video was reminiscent of the famous Belgian ballet, Beyoncé defended herself, saying, “Clearly the ballet Rosas Danst Rosas was one of many references for the video. It was one of the inspirations to bring the song to life.”

The director of “Countdown,” Adria Petty, said, “[The original ballet] was refreshing, interesting, timeless. Beyoncé’s YouTube video already has had close to two million views, so fans will discover… all the works that inspired me and shaped this video.”

Beyoncé cited Audrey Hepburn’s film “Funny Face,” Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy, Diana Ross, and Andy Warhol as references in the music video.

The 30-year-old remains very busy as her pregnancy continues to capture media attention.

Watch “Love On Top” here:

New Edition's video for "If It Isn't Love" can be seen here: