Biblical Inerrancy: A Case of Camels?

 This month has seen op-ed pieces in CNN and other locales saying that recent discoveries about domesticated camels in Israel prove the Bible has erred. I have seen two such articles, one on CNN and the other in the Huffington Post. The gist of the claim is that there has been a recent discovery that shows that domesticated camels in Israel go back to the 10th century BC. The alleged error is that the Bible claims that such camels went back to the patriarchs several centuries earlier. Thus, it is said that the find proves a biblical mistake. Some of the writing has been quite cute. Is this "camel discovery" one that will "break the Bible's back"?

I read the first piece in the Huffington Post and went, come on. I read the second in CNN from a Professor of Old Testament at Yale and asked myself, is he really thinking through this very carefully? The professor cheekily added a reference to a Babylonian flood tablet and a round ark that somehow discredits the flood account of Genesis. He said that had not been a good year so far for Genesis. Are people aware of what is going on here? Here is my problem with the spin that has been placed on this group of finds, even if that spin comes from someone in the field at one of our top universities.