Biden Reality Show Petition Circulating at White House

Joe Biden, reality show star? A new petition has been posted on the White House's website calling for the Vice President to star in his own reality show that would allow the people an exclusive look at political life.

"Vice President Joe Biden has a demonstrated ability to bring people together, whether at the negotiating table or at the neighborhood diner. We, therefore, urge the Obama Administration to authorize the production of a recurring C-SPAN television program featuring the daily activities and interactions of the Vice President with elected officials, foreign dignitaries, and everyday American families," the petition reads in part.

"Such a program would educate the American public about the duties and responsibilities of their Vice President, while providing a glimpse of the lighthearted side of politics even in the midst of contentious and divisive national debates," it concludes.

The Vice President is known for his outgoing personality and, at times, untimely frankness. However, it is clear from the petition that at least one group of American citizens want to see more of Biden in his prime. He has been a popular Vice President throughout his first term in the White House and, instead of becoming a shadowy figure in the background, has made his presence known.

Now would be a great time for a reality series, as Biden begins working on new gun legislation. President Obama tasked Biden with leading the way on gun reform after the Newtown, Conn. shooting that claimed 26 innocent lives.

Biden "guaranteed" that the legislation will be passed by the end of January, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino said at City Hall earlier this month, according to The Blaze.

"He said, 'Tommy, I guarantee you, we'll get it done by the end of January.' They're going to get it done," Menino said.

The petition, created on Jan. 4, already has 1,592 signatures and needs to reach 25,000 by Feb. 3 in order to force the White House to respond.