Billy Graham Audio Archives to Be Released Ahead of Evangelist's Birthday

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) is releasing more than 1,600 messages from the Christian evangelist's ministry, all of which will be available for streaming on his website,

The organization hopes to spread the gospel to millions more around the world with the release of more than six decades' worth of Graham's preaching.

"Mr. Graham's messages have inspired millions around the world and will continue to do so with the release of this audio library," said Ken Barun, senior vice president of communications for BGEA in a statement. "With more than 2 billion users on the Internet, his messages can now be accessed by many more for easy listening and sharing. Our ultimate goal is to continue Billy's mission of using whatever means possible to spread the Gospel."

The audio files include more than 900 from Graham's crusades, select "Hour of Decision" broadcasts from 1951-1971, comments on historically important events, such as those made at the funeral service of President Lyndon B. Johnson, and addresses from events such as the Amsterdam 1986 global evangelistic summit.

The website will also have a searchable database visitors can use to find a particular audio file by specific dates, locations, topics, or message titles. The files can be streamed using a media player embedded in the website but are also compatible with mobile devices so that visitors can access them whenever and wherever they please.

The 92-year-old evangelist, soon to turn 93 on Nov. 7, is one of the most renowned Christian preachers of the century who, according to The Cincinnati Post, has personally preached the gospel to more people than anyone else in history. Graham rose to fame during the post-World War II period during which he spoke out against communism and helped unite the country by bringing Christianity back to the forefront. He is most well-known for his heartfelt and compelling sermons.

Graham's 30th book, Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well, in which he shares personal reflections and wisdom on growing old, was released last month.

"All my life I was taught how to die as a Christian, but no one ever taught me how I ought to live in my latter years," the greatly admired evangelist wrote. "I wanted to share some of the things I have learned about this stage in life with others, as the aging process is something most of us will experience."