Braison Cyrus Hospitalized: I 'Swallowed A Ton of My Own Blood'

The brother of Miley Cyrus, Braison, was hospitalized this past weekend for severe bleeding, reportedly stemming from a recent surgical procedure.

The teen and his father, Billy Ray Cyrus, took to Twitter to keep fans abreast of the situation and to also thank and praise those who tweeted their support while he was recovering at Providence Saint Joseph Hospital in Los Angeles.

Braison explained to his followers that he had to be taken to the hospital on Saturday, stating that recent tonsil surgery led to him being checked into the hospital.

"Thank you everyone for the twitter love. Ive made a full recovery. Y'all are good folks. Thanks for giving a damn," he wrote, adding: "Thanks to good doctors."

Shortly before his admittance into the hospital Braison updated is situation on Twitter by writing, "Just swallowed a ton of my own blood and now I feel sick."

Braison, while in the hospital, explained that he was scared during most of the ordeal.

"Today was actually the most horrific day of my life," he wrote. "Honestly, I can't sleep because I am scared."

Once in the hospital, Braison posted a picture of him in his hospital bed holding a bucket of blood, but it has since been removed from his Twitter account.

His father also showed his affection on Twitter to those involved in taking care of his son.

"Thanking God and all the fine doctors nurses and staff at Providence Saint Joseph hospital. Been a wild 24 hours but bringing my son home," he wrote.

Miley Cyrus later retweeted her dad's message and due to an incident related to her brother's medical situation tweeted her disgust for the paparazzi.

"How is it legal for men I've never seen before to sit in front of my house and then follow me around!" she wrote. "So shady and scary."