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Broadcaster to Counter Anti-Christian Kids TV in Arab World

Broadcaster to Counter Anti-Christian Kids TV in Arab World

After celebrating its 10th Anniversary last year, Arabic Christian television pioneer SAT-7 is launching special channel for kids this month to send message of hope to kids in the Arab world who are watching other channels that are thought to be propagating anti-Christian messages.

The new TV channel for Kids, SAT-7 KIDS, "will go live exactly one minute after midnight on December 9th, and will be available for Arab children to watch when they wake up on December 10th," says Rita El Mounayer, SAT-7's director of programming.

According to SAT-7, one hundred million children under the age of 15 live in the Arab world and at least half have access to satellite television. "This huge population of young people represent the future of the region, one currently torn by conflict, hatred and a lack of hope," the station states. "Children living in the midst of strife often turn to TV as a place of safety where they can escape. TV can provide hope, new ideas and a place where young viewers often open their hearts to Christ's message."

"Our goal," says El Mounayer, "is to provide a safe place for children, where they can grow, learn more about the teachings of Christ, and see the fun and bright future that God can provide for them."

Currently, at least six other Arabic children's channels are targeting this audience. Many of these deliver anti-Christian ideas and attitudes and some Arabic channels produce and broadcast violent programs for children. Some glorify martyrdom, even using children to deliver the message to their peers. SAT-7 KIDS is said to be the first and only channel to provide quality, locally-made Christian children's programming that is available 24 hours a day.

According to SAT-7's El Mounayer, the station's teams in Lebanon and Egypt have been working very hard for the launch of the first Christian TV channel for kids in the Arab world. "They are extremely excited and anticipate a huge response," the director says.

"On SAT-7 KIDS, viewers will see wonderful programming for children which will include messages about love, forgiveness and turning the other cheek," notes SAT-7 CEO Terence Ascott. "We will be broadcasting cartoons, dramas, Bible stores, game shows and many kinds of programs that will attract children and help them learn about God's love for them and how they can walk with the Lord."

SAT-7 KIDS will enable children to watch Arabic Christian programming any time that is convenient for them, across the five time zones in the Arab world.

Ascott says that entire families in the Arab world will be impacted as many parents will also be drawn to sit with their kids and take in the positive messages broadcast on SAT‑7 KIDS.

"Half of the homes in the Arab world today have Satellite television. This is a unique opportunity for such households to bypass the censorship on all kinds of media and to hear the Gospel," adds Ascott.

The outreach TV station is urging believers to donate for the project to help pay for the new equipment needed to help make the extra programs for the channel.

SAT-7 KIDS can be watched on Hot Bird 6 Satellite, 13 Degrees East, Transponder 157, 11,642 MHz, Horizontal Polarity, 27.5 MSym/sec, FEC ¾.


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