BTS News: Korean Group Releases New Japanese Single, 'Crystal Snow'

Facebook/Bangtan.OfficialA promotional image for the K-pop boyband, BTS.

After a successful entry into the U.S. Billboard Top 100, Korean boy group BTS releases a new single, titled "Crystal Snow," for their Japanese fans.

"Crystal Snow" was released yesterday, Dec. 6, on the "MIC Drop / DNA / Crystal Snow" Japanese single album and is reportedly BTS' Christmas-themed offering this winter. The new track is the group's first original song since last September's "Love Yourself: Her."

The new electro-pop track features vocals from all members: J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Suga, and V. It is supposedly is more mellow and harmony-heavy than the group's previous releases, like "DNA," which peaked at #67 on Billboard's Top 100 in October. The seasonal tune shows off the softer side of the groups' rappers, as the verses, although still rapped, are more singsong in nature.

The lyrics mainly focus on the temporal aspect of love. It talks about how love is similar to crystal snow, something they want to hold one more time before it disappears. Rap Monster, or RM to his fans, helped write the lyrics for the Christmas ballad.

Fans have since taken to Twitter to express their love for the song and the group. User @BTSthe7legends shared, "Emotional songs like sea and crystal snow are really speaking to me that's what sets BTS apart from everyone else to me other groups music just don't speak to me the way BTS does."

Meanwhile, user @stussyjimin noted the Korean group's ability to handle a variety of genres. The user tweeted, "Crystal Snow is proof of BTS versatility as artists. They are capable of making energetic, hardcore bops like Fire & MIC drop, but can also make soft sounding, easy on the ears & sentimental, songs like Crystal Snow & Spring Day. Legends."

Another user listed BTS songs fit for every season.

In a move that will delight their Western fans, the group has made the "MIC Drop / DNA / Crystal Snow" album available on American streaming sites and online music stores like Spotify and Apple Music, respectively.