Bus Driver Shot and Stabbed, Bible Book in Chest Pocket Stops Two Bullets (VIDEOS)

(Screenshot: WDTN)

We recently covered five times when the Bible stopped a bullet, four of which directly saved a life. Today we can add another to our list.

Dayton, Ohio bus driver Rickey Waggoner says he was fixing his bus early Monday morning when he turned around and saw three teens, one pointing a gun at him. The 47-year-old driver said the gunman fired twice at his chest, but a "New Testament book" stopped the bullets.

Authorities say Waggoner fought with the suspects, suffering a gunshot to the leg and a cut on the arm. He wrested away the teens' knife and gun, and they fled. He is in good condition at the hospital.

One police officer seemed to credit a higher power with Waggoner's survival from this three-on-one attack.

"There was obviously some kind of intervention involved in this incident because he probably should not be here," he said to WDTN.