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Campaign: 298 Babies Spared from Abortion

Campaign: 298 Babies Spared from Abortion

Nearly a month into another seasonal pro-life campaign, 298 babies have been spared from abortion.

The 40 Days for Life campaign recorded hundreds of lives saved since it kicked off its prayer and fasting initiative on Feb. 17.

"Part of our community outreach this campaign is focusing on getting the word out about the disproportionate amount of abortions performed on minority women," said Jeanie, one of the leaders of the 40 Days for Life effort in Syracuse, N.Y., according to the campaign blog.

Jeanie spoke to a couple of women who were walking toward a Planned Parenthood clinic and explained to them that "abortion is the leading cause of death for African-Americans."

"They were obviously surprised by this information and readily decided to seek the help offered at the crisis pregnancy center next door," she recalled.

One of the women said "thank you" and had a big smile across her face.

People in 167 cities throughout the country and in Canada, Australia and Northern Ireland, have been standing in front of abortion clinics holding signs and hoping to offer women hope.

Participants have been serving as sidewalk counselors for women and have witnessed many changing their minds and walking out of clinics.

In other success report, an abortionist in Columbia, Mo., resigned and a Planned Parenthood clinic in Great Falls, Mont., decreased its operation hours.

"This is a big change as they used to be open all day Monday through Friday and every other Saturday," said Mary Ann of Great Falls on the campaign blog. "Never before have we even seen the response that we are being blessed with during this campaign. Our numbers of prayer vigil participants has increased tremendously, as well as the number of different churches that are participating."

Last fall, the 40 Days for Life campaign resulted in the saving of 607 lives, the closing of two abortion clinics, and the departure of nine clinic workers. The campaign takes a peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods, for their own friends and families.


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