Casey Anthony: Public Unhappy Over Financial Gains From Trial

As the Casey Anthony verdict still looms in the mind of every individual who has shared affection for a young child, the question now arises to the future of this now “media celebrity”.

As Anthony walked away from the courthouse with tears of joy in her eyes from receiving a ruling of not guilty from the state of Florida, you cannot help but envision the abundance of movie-makers and authors who will use this high profile case as a way to a quick buck.

Anthony herself is not ignorant to the benefits her sudden brush of fame can provide. In letters exchanged between Anthony and fellow inmate Robin Adams, Anthony expresses her interest in writing books that would cater to mother’s that were in her similar situation, which unfortunately, is a countless amount all around the United States.

This being a similar ploy used by a former defendant that was acquitted of murder in another high profile case; former football star OJ Simpson. Simpson's book titled "If I Did It" reached the number 2 spot on the New York Times bestseller list and was estimated to have sold between 100,000 and 120,000 copies in its first month.

However, despite the potential strike of gold Anthony seems to have come upon, individuals are doing their best to make sure the death of two year-old Caylee Anthony is not made a mockery of.

Various groups on Facebook have arisen in an attempt to bring some type of justice for the deceased infant. Facebook pages such as Support Caylee Anthony and Justice for Caylee Anthony are trying to ensure the main subject in the whole ordeal becomes the victim, Caylee Anthony.

A large portion of the general public feels that not letting Casey obtain financial gain from the case would be justice enough.

“She only makes money if she is given a large retainer or as a self-publisher sells books - Don 't buy her books - she makes no money...give Caylee at least economic justice,” says one blogger.

Another blogger writes, “how disgusting a society we would become if we allowed her to profit in ANY way for her despicable acts.”

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