Producer's $1M Offer for Casey Anthony Interview Still Stands

Producer Al Taylor is hoping to be the first to snag an interview with Casey Anthony after she is released from prison on Sunday, by offering the 25-year-old $1 million.

Already likely to become a millionaire upon release, Anthony has received several offers, including book and movie deals and TV appearances to speak about her personal story, much to the public’s disapproval.

Taylor, a freelance producer for the Jerry Springer show and other talk shows, originally made the million-dollar offer to Anthony’s lead defense attorney, Jose Baez, on behalf of the Jerry Springer show.

He received approval from one of the seniors of the show, though Springer was not aware of the offer, Radar reported.

After public backlash, however, and the threat of boycotts, the Jerry Springer show pulled out of the interview, influencing Taylor to start his own independent TV production company so he could officially make the million-dollar bid himself and ask Anthony to be his first guest.

In an e-mail obtained by Radar addressed to Anthony’s legal team, Taylor stated that his company would be called Private Elevator Productions and shared, “Because we are independent, we fear no media backlash and as such this offer, unlike the others, will not be withdrawn.”

“We would like to meet as soon as possible to present you with a million dollar check made out to your client Casey Marie Anthony, so we can sign a contract and conduct the interview as soon as your client exits jail,” he penned.

Whether Anthony will accept the offer or not is still yet to be decided. If she does decide to conduct the interview and finally speak to the public about what really happened to her daughter Caylee, little is known whether she will gain public sympathy as many have already asserted their lack of trust in her words.

Prosecutors made it perfectly clear during the trial that the defendant was a pathological liar and that everything she said prior to, during, and following the death of her daughter was a lie.

Even after the trial, state attorney Jeff Ashton shared that most people would never believe in Anthony’s story.

Though the majority of the public believes Anthony is guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, a few have stood by her side. In fact, a recent report by ABC News stated that Anthony had been receiving money in the mail from strangers so that she could buy snacks and other items while in jail.

According to jailhouse records from the Orange County Corrections Department, at least 17 people have sent money orders to Anthony since May, most of the supporters being men, ABC revealed.

Since Anthony’s acquittal, the donations have increased, giving her a total of $472.18 in her bank account, a $200 increase from her previous funds.

ABC News reported that the average balance of an inmate’s account was only $36.30.