CBN's Gordon Robertson on Six-Day War Film: Jews Are Still God's Chosen People (Interview)

Gordon Roberton
Gordon Roberton on the set of "The 700 Club," shares about his miraculous healing from cerebral malaria, February 2015. |

As Gordon Robertson, president of CBN and son of Pat Robertson gears up to release the new docu-drama "In Our Hands," he maintains that the new covenant in Jesus does not negate the Old Testament covenant appointing the Jews as God's chosen people.

Marking the 50th anniversary of the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War, CBN documentaries is bringing "In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem" to theater audiences on Tuesday. The film brings to life the miracle battle of paratroopers' hard-won victory at Ammunition Hill that reclaimed Jerusalem's Old City and the Western Wall.

In Our Hands
"In Our Hands" tells the story of Israel's 55th Paratrooper Brigade and how Israel Defense Forces risked everything for the sake of their homeland, 2017. |

Narrated by Robertson, "In Our Hands" hits theaters nationwide for a one-night screening held by Fathom Events on May 23.

In speaking about replacement theology, which is the belief that the Christian Church has replaced the Jews as God's chosen people under the new covenant, Robertson says God does not break any of His covenants.

"Whether that's the covenant with Noah that He would never again destroy the Earth, or the covenant that was made to Abraham and specifically the descendants of Abraham — that covenant is to the physical descendants of Abraham, the ones who will come from his body. Then there's the covenant of the Torah made with Moses, which is a spiritual covenant and is based on obedience to the Torah. Those covenants stand. God does not break His Word. He stands by His Word to perform it," Robertson told The Christian Post.

"Now, as a Christian, I really like the new covenant in the blood of Jesus Christ and that's a great one, too, but it doesn't get rid of the earlier covenants," he added.

As seen in the film, Robertson believes that God has always done miraculous things through the Jewish people. When talking about "In Our Hands," he says he was impacted by the totality of how God moved on behalf of the Jewish soldiers, which is explained in the film.

"These aren't professional soldiers, for the most part they were reservists. For most of them it was part time. Some were studying economics and trying to pass the exams and at the same time planning for the battle," "The 700 Club" co-host said.

"Then all of it gets changed mid-stream. They go from two weeks of preparation for one battle in the Sinai to now two days of preparation for battle at Ammunition Hill, which by the way was the bloodiest battle in all of the Arab/Israeli wars."

Robertson further noted that Jewish servicemen were at a disadvantage in skill, geography and were outnumbered.

"In spite of all of that, they win a victory and I love that. God uses ordinary people to do something extraordinary, to do something miraculous," he said.

"In Our Hands" details the story of Israel's 55th Paratrooper Brigade and how Israeli Defense Forces risked everything to take back their homeland.

For tickets to the Erin Zimmerman directed film, click here.

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