Celina Cass Autopsy 'Inconclusive' Authorities Report

The Celina Cass autopsy has so far proved inconclusive, authorities have said Tuesday evening. Medical examiners will now have to wait for toxicology results and conduct further investigations to determine how the 11-year-old girl died.

Jane E. Young, New Hampshire’s senior assistant Attorney General said at a news conference Tuesday evening: “The cause and manner are still pending.”

Investigators have already commented that the death appears to be suspicious after an initial examination of the girl’s body.

The corpse was recovered Monday afternoon from a dam at the Connecticut River, close to the girl’s family home.

Authorities have refused to give any indication as to how long the body may have been in the water, and have not disclosed what the initial autopsy had revealed. However, Young did confirm that the criminal investigation remains ongoing.

Young said, “We are doing everything we can to have more definitive answers.”

She added that there was no need for the public to be overly concerned, but refused to say whether the police had identified any suspects in the case.

Cass, from West Stewartstown, New Hampshire disappeared from her bedroom overnight July 25. Her disappearance sparked a mass search of the area near her home.

Over 100 investigators across federal, state, and local levels were involved in the search for Cass. The FBI also announced an offer of $25,000 for any information regarding the case. An unknown member of the community added an additional $5,000 dollars to the reward sum.

However, her family’s worst fears were realized as her body was found Monday.

Cass’s father has said he could not understand why anyone would hurt his daughter. Adam Laro said in an interview with CNN: “That’s the thing that puzzles me. I can’t see why someone would want to do that to my daughter. She was very kind in spirit.”

Laro has said that his daughter was happy living with her mother and stepfather, and was reporting how well she had been doing at school to him the last time he spoke to her.