Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Charlie Sheen Roast Talk of Twitter; Sheen Responds to Celeb Tweets

Charlie Sheen Roast Talk of Twitter; Sheen Responds to Celeb Tweets

Comedy Central ran its Roast of Charlie Sheen Monday night, following the premiere of "Two and a Half Men" on CBS, which set Twitter abuzz with talk of all things Sheen.

Seth MacFarlane hosted the roast, which garnered approximately 40,000 tweets versus the 15,000 "Two and a Half Men" earned, according to social media monitoring group Visible Technologies, reported.

Amy Schumer, William Shatner, and Kate Walsh were among the celebrities dishing out zingers that made Sheen a trending topic.

The former "Two and a Half Men" star had taken the biting remarks in good humor – responding to many of the tweets regarding the Comedy Central show.

Some roast retorts included:

"I have to say Charlie, you are an incredible medical specimen. I guess that's one of the benefits of waking up every morning at the crack of crack,” said Kate Walsh.

Shatner bantered, “Charlie, I’m 80 years old. You’re what, 47? So how come we look like we went to high school together?” Sheen is actually 46.

“Honestly Charlie, I never thought I would live to see the night, when you would live to see this night,” joked MacFarlane.

Sheen, who responded with a few jabs of his own, thanked Comedy Central via Twitter saying, "I'm moved...speechless and grateful! (and glad it's over...) Well done my friends. Well done! xo"

He also replied to messages from various celebs on the social media platform Tuesday.

@charliesheen wrote:

“Look forward to our next adventure!! RT @MikeTyson It was awesome being a part of your roast. wish u nothing but the best man. #sheenroast”

“Thank you Miles!! Wish you were here tonight!! xo c RT @MileyCyrus #sheenroast HAHAHAHA”

“So glad we're friends!! RT @Slash @charliesheen "keep playing the new stuff" one of the coolest things anyone's ever said to me. Cheers man!”

“You're funny as Hell Kate and you looked awesome..! Thanks! RT @katewalsh Sorry Charlie! Xxx #sheenroast”

"Who's the Warlock now, B**** !?! " @WilliamShatner Thank you my man!!”


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