Chelsea vs QPR Live Stream Soccer: Watch Online English Premier League Football

Chelsea vs QPR takes place on Wednesday, and the Blues are set on returning to the third spot in the English Premier League with a win.

Chelsea boss Rafa Benitiz has been pleased with his club's recent performances, which has seen the London club win four in a row after a shaky start to his reign at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea seem to be in good form after beating Aston Villa 8-0 before Christmas and then handily beating strong opponents in Norwich City and most recently Everton.

With the January transfer window open, the Chelsea faithful have been vocal in their support of longtime player Frank Lampard, who netted two goals at Goodison Park on Sunday to make his case for a contract extension. The club has remained silent on any action so far, however.

Chelsea might look to support Fernando Torres, who has looked more like his old self recently, during the current transfer window, given that he has logged the most minutes of any Chelsea player this season. While Chelsea's attack has been strong, Torres is currently the club's only outright striker after Daniel Sturridge signed a new deal with Liverpool on Wednesday.

For Queens Park Rangers and manager Harry Redknapp, this new transfer period should be a welcome sign to help a team that has been in last place for most of the season.

When the English boss was announced as the new skipper for QPR, there was a moment of optimism, but after three consecutive defeats, including a disappointing performance at home against Liverpool, time is running out to save the club from relegation.

QPR has only managed to earn a meager 10 points in the first 20 games of the season and will have to make some risky and dramatic moves if they are to stay in the Premier League. The club currently sits eight points below the relegation line and will have to start gaining points in the second half if they are going to stay in top flight football.

Kickoff for the match is at 2:45 p.m. and can be watched online here.