Chief Keef 110 mph Arrest: Rapper Caught Speeding on Chicago Interstate

Rapper Chief Keef was arrested at 3:45 a.m. Monday morning for speeding past a police car at 110 mph on Eden's Expressway.

The hip-hop artist, whose real name is Keith F. Cozart, was driving a 2011 BMW down Winnetka Road in Northfield, Illinois, Deputy Chief Claude Casaletto told WGNTV. The rapper was in the vehicle with three other passengers.

"He was clocked at 110 in a 55 mph zone," Casaletto said. "The officers typically sit off on the shoulder and wait for speeders. He came up as a high number."

Cozart was taken into custody and cited for going 100 in a 55 mph zone and having too many passengers in the car, according to the police report. The 17-year-old only has a learner's permit, which allows for one passenger in Illinois state law.

The charge is considered a Class A demeanor and he was released on a $200 bond and driven home by a friend reports NBC Chicago.

Cozart's court appearance is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. on June 17 at Skokie Courthouse in courtroom 101, reported WGNTV.

Just one week ago, the rapper was arrested in an Atlanta hotel after a security guard smelled marijuana coming from his room.

"So me and my homie Tray Savage was in the hotel room chillin' when some fat a-- security guard started knocking on the door talking about he needed to fix a water leak," Cozart explained to TMZ, citing racism as a motive. "So his a-- walked in and started looking around at us and immediately gave me the racist look then started talking s--- to me."

TMZ further investigated the claim by speaking to the officer in question, who replied that he was just doing his job in accordance with Georgia state law, where marijuana is illegal.

The rapper also served a 60-day sentence for a probation violation for an incident in 2011 where he pointed a gun at an officer.