Chris Brown 2012 Grammys Comeback, Not Everyone Impressed

While Chris Brown may have redeemed himself last night at this year's Grammys, with an impressive on stage performance and winning Best R&B Album for "F.A.M.E," not everyone was quite so impressed with the stars comeback.

It is the first time Brown has made an appearance at the Grammys, exactly three year to the day he brutally assaulted his then girlfriend Rihanna, the night before the 2009 Grammys. Brown was convicted and received a felony assault and much hatred within the music industry.

Many viewers were truly stunned by the decision of the Recording Academy to embrace the controversial singer.

Singer Michelle Branch tweeted after the show, "Trying not to go off on a rant but...Chris Brown...*bites tongue* have we forgiven him?"

"Wait... so Whitney's tribute, while incredibly moving, was one song... and Chris Brown got TWO performances...?" Brooklyn Decker tweeted unable to believe that Chris Brown was allowed more onstage time, than time dedicated to Whitney Houston who tragically died the night before.

It is clear however other viewers have forgiven the singer, embracing his reappearance at the Grammys. "I was kind of rooting for him. I know how controversial he is, was, and still is and if anyone has reason to be questionable about Chris, it was on our show three years ago all that happened," said Ken Ehrlich, executive producer of the Grammys said Monday on CBS This Morning.

"I just believe people deserve a second chance. The year he had this year, really brought him back into the public. He really deserved a second chance."
The singer impressed the crowd, with his performance of "Turn Up the Music" from his upcoming album and "Beautiful People" from last year's "F.A.M.E." album, and by taking the stage with Lil Wayne, Guetta and Foo Fighters .

"People who make mistakes and learn from them are ROLE MODELS too. Im just happy to inspire growth and positivity," the singer tweeted after the awards.