Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran: Couple Will Get Back Together, Says Friend

(PHOTO) Instagram: @KarruecheTranKarrueche Tran and Chris Brown

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown will get back together in a week amid reports of them breaking up, according to the model's friend.

Brown, the 25-year-old singer, and Tran, 26, may have called it quits after three years of a very public on-and-off again romantic relationship. Now her friend Anara Atanes is revealing that she believes the pair will be back together in a week.

Atanes came into the spotlight when TMZ reported that Brown took her to St. Tropez to possibly make Tran jealous. After images of the pair on a boat surfaced, Atanes took to Instagram to slam the reports.

"I'm not in St. Tropez, I'm with my friends! Calm the (expletive) down we went to say hi," she wrote. "For one hour that's it! I visited my best friend who is with Chris actually."

Atanes, the girlfriend of professional soccer player Samir Nasri, also hinted at a reconciliation between Brown and her friend Tran.

"So yeh I went to see my friends ex who will for sure be back together in a week," she wrote. "Ya'll trippin I'm not the girl in blue! I'm not with them and I have a bf so relax and go do something useful with your time."

Brown caused some to question his relationship with his latest tweets.

"These (expletives) ain't loyal but my fans damn sure are!..Be careful who u take relationship advice from," Brown tweeted recently. "Especially if they are single. They're single for a reason! Lol #lonelyfacea--."

The singer seemed to be in deep thought when he also tweeted, "everything is mental."

Last month, the pair made headlines when Brown posted Tran's nearly naked image on his social media account, which was later removed. A glance at the singer's Instagram account showed that all of the recent pictures of Tran were removed shortly after, while the 26-year-old model followed suit.