Chris Brown 'Brownout' Bans Singer's Face, Name From Websites

Chris Brown, 23, is a Grammy Award-winning entertainer who has become a nuisance to some who have discovered a way to remove all traces of him from their lives.

AUX, a Canadian-based website, has created an application on Google Chrome that can eliminate any news or mentions of Brown from computer searches. The application called "Brownout" features a way to eliminate the singer's name and face for those who feel that news about the entertainer dominates their favorite websites.

Sam Sutherland, online producer at AUX, spoke to CBS about the application and the reason for its existence.

"If he wants to get a tattoo on his neck that kind of looks like Rihanna we are going to write about it," Sutherland told CBS. "But at some point, it reaches Chris Brown idiocy saturation."

The online producer detailed how the application works.

"All we had to do is build a frame where it recognises the word and ignores it and literally erases it," Sutherland said. "You can see everything except his name and his face."

The news comes on the heels of some attempting to stop the sale of Brown's "Fortune" CD at HMV stores in London. The discs in the store included labels warning people not to buy the LP because Brown "beats women."

One unnamed HMV store clerk spoke to about the incident.

"We were as surprised as anyone when the stickers appeared in one of our stores outside of London at the back end of last week," the clerk said. "Obviously someone must have snuck in to put them on a handful of CDs, and although they weren't up very long before staff removed them, the person responsible managed to take a snap and send it out to media."

While people cannot stop the sale of Brown's CD's in stores, those Google Chrome users who are interested in blocking the entertainer from their web browsers can do so by downloading the application at