Chris Brown Jealous of Rihanna Spending Time With Meek Mill, Other Rappers?

Rihanna may be in the middle of a subliminal war of words between rappers Meek Mill, Drake and former boyfriend Chris Brown, who some have assumed is upset by the Barbadian pop princess' relationship with the emcees.

After Rihanna was spotted celebrating 25-year-old Mill's birthday recently, Brown, 23, reportedly cut the Philadelphia rapper from his song, "Don't Judge Me."

Mill seemed to confirm the rumor by tweeting about being booted from a song while referencing "Watch The Throne," the title of Jay-Z and Kanye West's collaborative album on Rihanna's Roc Nation record label.

"You took me off your song cause she let me watch the throne #dreamsandnightmares," Mill tweeted.

Although Brown did not reference Mill directly, he tweeted about a female who chases dreams after Mill posted his message.

"She's a dream chaser," Brown tweeted Monday. "There are a lot of dreamers so she'll be running forever!"

Rapper Drake, who appears on Mills' song "Amen" and was spotted partying with Rihanna during Memorial Day weekend, also joined in on the exchange. After using a derogatory term to reference the unnamed female he was tweeting about the rapper said, "We get gyal eeeeaasy."

Brown responded by tweeting that the drama would make for a good movie.

Rihanna also joined in on the exchange by tweeting that she gets to choose what to do in the situation.

"The best is that EYE get to choose," Rihanna tweeted.

Rihanna's love interests have been a topic of conversation over the past month after Brown seemed to reference his ex-love interest's romantic choices in a freestyle to rapper Kanye West's song "Way Too Cold."

"Every industry (expletive) done had her," Brown raps in one part of the song.

Russell Simmons, media mogul and creator of hip hop website Global Grind, wrote about Rihanna's romantic choices in an article on his website.

"There have been a lot of artists recently talking about 'good girl gone bad,' Rihanna," Simmons tweeted. "I am certainly not condoning indiscriminate sex, but don't get mad…You all got 10 times as many girls as Rihanna has men, and you know that."

Recently, Rihanna's pastor expressed concern about the singer's lifestyle choices.

Bishop Vibert Lowe, who has known the 24-year-old entertainer since childhood, told Now Magazine that he is concerned for the singer.

"She's drunk a lot, she's smoking a lot... It's really bad behavior and she's getting worse," Lowe told the publication. "She promotes a bad girl image and that's not responsible 
to her fans."