Christina Hendricks in 'Dark Places:' Actress to Take More Prominent Role in Gillian Flynn Film

Christina Hendricks will take over a more prominent role in "Dark Places" following the announcement that Samantha Morton has bowed out.

The "Mad Men" actress was originally slated to play a stripper for a supporting role in the film. It was previously rumored that Samantha Morton would play a lead supporting actress to Charlize Theron, who was cast as the main character. "Dark Places" is a film based a mystery novel written by best selling author Gillian Flynn.

Morton has since backed out of the picture leaving Hendricks to fill her role. In the new role, Hendricks will have a more prominent part as a divorced mother of three. The plot of the film surrounds the murder of a woman (Theron's) family that took place 24 years prior to where the film starts off.

It is Theron's testimony that puts her characters brother in prison for the crime. But when her character is approached by a "murder club" that is obsessed with solving age-old crimes, the truth behind whether the brother is the murderer will unravel. Actor Corey Stoll has been cast as the brother.

Nicholas Hoult, Chloe Moretz and Shannon Kook-Chun also star in the film, which Beth Kono, A.J. Dix, Peter Safran and Stephanie Marsil will produce, according to the Tracking Board. A second novel written by Flynn titled "Gone Girl" will also be released in theaters next year.

"Gone Girl" was released and has already become a national bestseller with more than two million copies sold. Speaking about her novel, Flynn suggests that she likes to write strong characters regardless of whether they are the girl next door or not.

"I don't think people give girls enough credit," she said in a previous interview with the Daily Beast, "we are just as feral as our male counterparts. Don't let the braids fool you."