CM Punk Returning to WWE? Rumors That AJ Lee is Pregnant Emerge Lee kisses CM Punk

CM Punk's retirement from the WWE scene left a lot of fans shocked at first. An explanation as to why he left the ring though let fans breathe a little easier. What fans would like to know next is will Punk ever return to the ring?

There have been occasions when fans prepared for Punk's return. One such occasion was a match for RAW in Chicago but he never showed up. Still, fans were still hopeful that he would show up for Wrestlemania 30. Punk however, did not turn up once again.

It is at this point that it was unclear on whether Punk would still reconsider going back to wrestling. On July 21, he had hosted the first annual Gibson Brands AP Music Awards and this has been his first non-wrestling gig he had done in his entire career.

The only hope for his return lies with his wife, AJ Lee, a WWE Diva. Lee was a former championship title holder of the WWE Diva's Championship before it was taken away by newcomer Paige. She took a few months break after that in order to get married to CM Punk. She eventually returned to the ring to take back her championship title from Paige. Hopefully Punk will follow suit.

Her sudden and unexpected return to the ring surprised a lot of fans. The reason for this was there were rumors circulating back then that Lee was pregnant. The rumor was backed up by two tweets that Lee made regarding children and parenthood.

One of the tweets stated, "Just saw a toddler proudly scream in his mother's face 'I POOPED!'….So basically my ovaries are glowing now."

The other one was Lee re-tweeting a picture with the caption, "15 years MAX….@WWEAJLee as parent."

Of course this has been proven false by her return to WWE.