Controversial Cheerios Ad Gets Spoofed With a Lesbian Twist

Cheerios Spoof Girl
A biracial girl in a spoof of the controversial Cheerios ad. |

A spoof of the controversial Cheerios ad that set off a firestorm of reactions about race two weeks ago, just made the debate murkier by replacing the interracial heterosexual couple with an interracial lesbian one, while challenging viewers to find a problem with it.

Following the script of the original video, the spoof, which was published on YouTube on Monday, opens with a bi-racial girl approaching her white mother armed with a box of Cheerios.

"Mom," asks the girl.
"Yes honey," replies the woman playing her mother.
"Is it true that eating a healthy breakfast cereal like we do every morning is normal and in the year 2013 the way our family looks shouldn't be such a big deal?" the girl asks.

"Well, it says here that Cheerios is heart healthy and I say that we have the God-given right to stuff our faces with whatever we want and with whomever we want. No matter what the haters say," responds the mother with a smile.

The little girl then runs off to another room with the box of Cheerios before the spoofs surprisingly cuts away to not a black man waking up from the couch with a chest covered in Cheerios, but a black woman who boldly declares: "What? Now this is a problem?"

Cheerios Spoof
A woman playing a lesbian character in a spoof of the controversial Cheerios ad. |

The Message "Eat It Haters" then appears on the screen before the black woman shouts to her partner, "Denise! Disable the YouTube comments."

Denise, however, did not disable the comments, and there are more than 100,000 people who have viewed the video as of Friday afternoon, and who seemed to have picked up where the viewers of the original Cheerios ad left off in terms of race. The N- word and other racial slurs are used openly and frequently in the comment section. Much of those comments are too explicit to include in this story.

The debate between gay rights advocates and opponents also took on an extremely heated tone as critics of the video accused gay advocates of hijacking the conversation on race in America with the infusion of the homosexual element.

"This parody is stupid. They completely changed the issue from an interracial family to gay adoption," wrote Thebebop2008.

"This video is illegal in Russia, we banned propaganda of the homosexualism and degeneracy in general," added another critic whose screen name was in Russian.

"Omg, see all the issues one little commercial brought to the surface. I need to get my a** to France and quick," wrote one commenter under the username Akosuaification.

"Oh dear god, why didn't you disable the YouTube comments?" asked another commenter Sandy H.

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