Counter-Protesters Meet Westboro Church Picketers Head On

After years of vile tirades outside the funerals of fallen soldiers and other uncalled for pickets, Americans are getting their own back on some of the nation’s most disliked people.

When two women and a man from Westboro Baptist church took their stance outside Hilliard Darby High School in Ohio on Tuesday, they found themselves surrounded by 100 counter-demonstrators.

Taking their cue from the fundamentalist church’s protests, the counter-demonstrators brandished brightly colored placards with large slogans printed across the front.

But instead of the offensive “Thank God for dead soldiers” and “God hates you” messages of the Westboro church members, these placards carried positive messages.

One stated simply “God is love!” while another said “God hates bigots.”

They also shouted “Get out,” making it clear that the Westboro protest was not welcome in their town.

Students and local residents also used the Westboro demonstration as an opportunity to show their support for U.S. troops by organizing a bake sale to benefit wounded veterans.

Westboro believes that the death of troops is God’s way of punishing homosexuality in the U.S.

The counter-protesters turned out in force despite the high school advising people to stay away in letters sent out to parents warning them of the protest.

It is not clear why Westboro targeted the high school, but what is certain is that wherever it pickets, counter demonstrations are springing up to drown out their hate chants with proclamations of love.

For now at least, the Topeka, Kan., church shows no sign of changing tack after the Supreme Court voted to protect its free speech back in March.

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