CP World Report: Golden Rule, Syria Bomb Attacks, March for Life

President Obama's views are continuing to evolve and so is the story of his acceptance of same-sex marriage.

The Rev. Joel Hunter who is often referred to as President Barack Obama's spiritual adviser, said he is disappointed with the president's use of the "Golden Rule" to explain his endorsement of gay marriage. Not widely reported was Obama's statement that he and his wife are "both practicing Christians and obviously this position may be considered to put us at odds with the views of others but when we think about our faith the thing at the root that we think about is not only Christ sacrificing himself on our behalf but it's also the Golden Rule – treat others the way you'd want to be treated." Hunter said "The Golden Rule is in the Bible but it cannot be used to contradict God's marriage pattern."

In Damascus, Syria, the government and the opposition are blaming each other for yesterday's devastating bomb blasts. The explosions, which were carried out by two suicide car bombers, were well timed and happened one after the other – the first, in front of a military intelligence building attracted many people going to work in the morning, but the second, a much bigger one, caused the real damage, destroying 40 cars and pickup trucks in the process. Initial reports indicate over 55 people were killed. Government officials blamed "terrorists" for the bombings. The Syrian National Council, however, the group seeking to take down President Bashar Al-Assad from power, has claimed the government was behind the blasts.

Canadian federal Judge Douglas Campbell is slamming the treatment of a Chinese man whose refugee claim was denied. This after an adjudicator concluded the man didn't know enough about Christianity to be a true believer. Calling the basis for the denial "ludicrous and unfair," the judge said the ongoing practice by the Immigration and Refugee Board of testing the religious knowledge of applicants claiming religious persecution back home is fundamentally flawed and should be abandoned. He said religious knowledge cannot be equated to faith.

Thousands of people crowded the streets of Ottawa yesterday in the annual March for Life demonstration. The protest comes just two weeks after a Conservative MP tried to reopen the national abortion debate. While it was difficult to measure the size of the crowd on Parliament Hill, there appeared to be fewer people than the more than 15,000 that Campaign Life Coalition estimated attended last year's event. The protesters called on the government to legislate protection for all human beings from the time of conception to the moment of natural death.


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