Crash Kills 6 Suspected Undocumented Immigrants, Wounds 9 Others (VIDEO)

Six people were declared dead after a chase with police; reports state that the victims may be undocumented immigrants from Guatemala and Honduras. At least nine other people were injured in the crash that took place last night in Kingsville, Texas.

The police were chasing the truck filled with people, though it's not clear what led to the chase in the first place. The truck led police near the Naval Air Station Kingsville and past the main gate when guards decided to deploy a pop-up barrier. The truck reportedly hit the barrier at full speed without slowing down.

"That's exactly what the barrier is designed to prevent. It's quite possible this guy didn't even know where he was," John Gagne, spokesman for the Naval Air Station, told CNN.

"They were probably just looking for an escape route," Gagne later told the Associated Press. The road near the Naval base is "not that different from any other road."

After the truck finally came to a crashing stop, it was discovered that 15 people had stowed away inside. 10 of those in the truck were in cab and five were discovered under a tarp in the bed of the truck. All were injured to some degree, but six lost their lives.

Police have been unable to confirm identities, but are believed to have been from Guatemala and Honduras. CNN reported that their consulates have been notified of the crash and are expected to help in the investigation and notification process.

The driver managed to survive the crash, though his condition is not known; those in the bed of the truck were thrown into the cab and seriously injured. The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations unit is leading the investigation with assistance from local authorities and the consulates.

It is unknown yet whether the driver, if he survives, will face charges from the United States or be deported back to his home country.

Watch video from the scene here: