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'Daily Show With John Stewart' Former Writer Mocks God in New Book

'Daily Show With John Stewart' Former Writer Mocks God in New Book

David Javerbaum, former writer and executive producer of “The Daily Show With John Stewart,” has written a new book “The Last Testament: A Memoir By God,” which is already the cause of some controversy.

The literary work is a satirical piece written in the voice of God and speaks about religion, cultural issues and entertainment. However, some people do not think the comedian’s work is a laughing manner, and the book has already been banned from Wal-Mart, Costco and Target.

Javerbaum said he does not understand why the stores would not sell his work, joking about it being one of God’s writings.

“They do seem to be able to sell God’s other works without any problems,” Javerbaum said. “So I don’t know why this one is a problem. And they also sell Keith Richards’ book, which is not only more disgusting, but also Keith Richards and God are contemporaries.”

However, Javerbaum told The Toronto Star that he welcomes the controversy.

“At the moment, I half-jokingly say that I would like some more backlash,” Javerbaum said. “That would be great. Because more backlash means more frontlash. And I would like some frontlash.”

The comedic author admitted that his book has also been cause for concern in the United Kingdom.

“The entire country of England is not carrying the book because Simon & Shuster UK refuses to publish it on the grounds that it is too inflammatory,” Javerbaum told The Star. “I’m trying to make a bigger stink of this. It’s a stink that I think ought to be made.”

Javerbaum admitted to wanting a strong reaction from churches, and named one in particular.

“I would love to get the Westboro Baptist Church to burn the book in front of my building. To me, that’s a win-win,” he said. “They’re looking for something to hate. I’m looking to be hated. I think we should get together.”

Deep down inside, the author claimed that he had a reason to speak out against the Christian faith and other religions.

“I know that a lot of the book comes from a place where I sincerely believe that organized religion at this point in human history is a detrimental force on the human race,” the comedic writer told the Star.

However, he admitted that his book was little more than one big joke.

“The biggest joke is just that God would bother to do this,” Javerbaum said. “That God would use his last testament to make really cheap, ad hominem jokes about people like Andy Dick and Kate Gosselin.”


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