Dancing With the Stars: Fans Accuse Transgender Chaz Bono of 'Playing God'

Chaz Bono’s addition to the cast of Dancing with the Stars’ new season was a controversial move that has fans both praising and criticizing show producers – who incidentally won’t be making any apologies for their casting choices.

"We've always invited a really broad range of people onto the show," DWTS’ executive producer Conrad Green told E! Online.

Green added, "We've had people from every sort of edge of the political spectrum. We've had people from all types of professions within show business."

Conrad Green defended the decision to cast Chaz saying he was “pretty compelling” character.

He told E! Online, “He comes from Hollywood royalty and obviously the personal changes in his life have been quite profound. He's a remarkably strong character because of it.”

However some fans would disagree.

Aglbby wrote on the show’s message board, “I think ABC’s stretching it a bit. C. Bono is no Star. Sonny Bono was and Cher is but no one else. Your [sic] really scrapping the bottom of the barrel with this one.”

Despite harsh criticism over the DWTS’ first transgender contestant there are a many people supporting show producers’ decision and Bono.

“I am looking forward to this seasons stars. I think you made some great choices. I am not closed minded-I look forward to watching the improvement of each dancer! Good luck everyone,” wrote bratwic.

KKline798 said, “Glad to see ABC embracing differences and encouraging viewers to suspend judgment long enough to get to know individual 'stars'. One of the things I've enjoyed most about Dancing with the Stars is that the stars' become more familiar...and us.”

DWTS executive producer Conrad Green agrees.

"I think once the show's underway, people will either root for Chaz because of his dancing or not. I think one of the joys of our show is … you see a different side of people. You see them struggling to try and achieve something positive. You get to know them differently,” he told E! Online.

However, Aglbby disagreed, saying: “I am sincerely disappointed in the state of society that an "activist" seeking to spread a "message" as Chaz admits is dismissed as mere entertainment. ABC needs to take responsibility for this politicized and agenda-driven casting choice.

“Chaz as an individual has made a choice to play God and recreate herself as an imitation of a man using modern technology. I do not have to condone that choice. That doesn't make me closed-minded or intolerant. I will not be silent in my opposition. NO DANCING WITH THE STARS FOR ME OR MY FAMILY THIS SEASON!!”

The show’s season premier is Monday September 19 at 8 p.m.

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