David Tyree Explains His 'Anarchy' Comments on Gay Marriage

As the New York state legislature debates the legalization of gay marriage, former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree, star of Super Bowl XLII, continues to speak about the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.

Tyree appeared on “America’s Nightly Scoreboard” on Fox News Tuesday night and he didn’t back down from his previous comments that sparked wide debate.

“Marriage always has been the backbone of American civilization, just as a means of nature and the way we procreate,” Tyree said on the program. “The ideal home – not necessarily in our country today – is a mother and a father.”

Tyree entered the spotlight when the National Organization of Marriage released a video last week, showing the former Giant saying of the legalization of gay marriage, “This will be the beginning of our country sliding towards, it’s a strong word, but anarchy.”

Fox host David Asman pressed Tyree about his “anarchy” comments and Tyree explained what he meant.

“Anarchy involves confusion, lawlessness, social disorder,” Tyree said. “And I believe that the backbone of society is law. Well, what is the backbone of law? It’s morality. It’s what we deem to be right or wrong.”

Tyree went on to say that if gay marriage became law, it would have ramifications for children.

“If I have my child in a public school and I’m totally against same-sex marriage, or homosexuality, now they have the right to teach my child that this is something that is normal or true,” Tyree said.

Asman asked Tyree if he would be accepting of a law that allowed civil unions in New York instead of gay marriage.

“Yes, I have no problem with that, because I actually understand what they’re fighting for,” Tyree said. “And to a certain extent I’m sensitive to that because, you know what, if you committed your life to someone and you can’t pass on ... things you value to your partner ... I can understand that. It’s not like I’m in favor of it, but I can understand that. I’m sensitive to it.”

The Marriage Equality Act was approved by the New York State Assembly last Wednesday, 80 to 63. The Senate appears to be split. According to The Associated Press, 29 of 30 Democrats in the Senate say they will vote for gay marriage, meaning only three Republicans need to vote for it to pass – two of which have already committed to voting for it, and at least two others are undecided.

The AP is also reporting that Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos and Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver support the addition of religious exemptions to the bill so religious groups that oppose gay marriage will not face discrimination lawsuits. They say they are in critical negotiations over wording.

Still, opponents are unceasingly contacting senators and rallying in Albany to protect traditional marriage. The National Organization for Marriage wants the state voters to decide the issue, not the legislature. On Monday, Tyree helped hand-deliver 63,000 petitions against same-sex marriage to Senate Republicans.

New York’s legislature is currently on an extended session. It was scheduled to end on Monday.

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