'Destiny 2' Tips and Tricks: Find Xur and What's in the Inventory This Weekend

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Now that it is the weekend again, players of "Destiny 2" have one task to complete - find Xur and see if the items in his inventory are worth purchasing.

Xur, Agent of the Nine, is the well-known hooded merchant with tentacles on his face. Every weekend, he appears in various locations in "Destiny 2" and players who are able to find him can purchase Exotic weapons as well as armor pieces.

Every weekend, Xur's inventory is packed with just four items: one weapon and three armor pieces -- one for each class.

Since Friday, Xur has been located in The Rig landing zone on Titan. The easiest way to locate Xur is by going to the planet map and hovering on the "IX" icon. This will show players where Xur's exact location is. Opening it will let them fast travel to the Rig. Upon landing, walk straight to the left and enter the ground level of a building. Xur will greet Guardians inside.

This weekend, Xur brought the Exotic automatic rifle Hard Light, and it is considered a good purchase since it is one of the less available weapons in the game but has a great performance. It is known best for its stability and range, but it does not have the best impact. Hard Light makes up for it, though, with the Volatile Light that can certainly penetrate its targets.

Meanwhile, the armor pieces available in Xur's inventory this weekend are the Lucky Raspberry chest armor for Hunters, the Synthoceps gauntlet for Titans, and the Karnstein Armlets for the Warlocks.

Players can purchase these items using the in-game currency Legendary Shards -- which replaced the Strange Coins used in the first "Destiny" game. The Hard Light will cost 29 shards, while each armor piece will cost 23 shards.

Xur will be present in the Rig until early Tuesday morning around 5 a.m. EST.

"Destiny 2" is available on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.