'Dies Irae' Episode 6 Spoilers: Can Old Friends Become True Allies?

Tokyo MX Official SiteKey visual art for the Japanese anime series, "Dies Irae," based on the visual novel video game of the same name developed by Light.

Shirou Yusa, the childhood friend that Ren had a fistfight with in the premiere episode, is back in town, and he seems to know more about what's been going on than Ren himself. What role is will he play in the Japanese action anime series, "Dies Irae"?

The previous episode saw the return of Shirou after his mysterious disappearance following his fight with Ren. And although there is still much to be said about where he's been and why he knows what he knows, he seems to have proven himself to be an ally for Ren when he appeared at end of the episode to assist his friend in what may turn out to be another intense battle with the Longinus Dreizehn Orden.

Ren has already told Shirou not to get involved for his own safety, but it is apparent that Shirou is the kind of guy who will do what he wants whenever he wants it, no matter how concerned Ren may be about his well being.

But will he be able to prove himself worthy of pursuing the Longinus Dreizehn Orden, enough for Ren to finally agree on an alliance with him? And is he really just after the money, or could there be a more significant reason for his seemingly dogged will to take the villainous organization down?

Additionally, the girl who has been appearing in Ren's dreams has also just materialized in the real world. Ren thought this could be the result of him learning Formation and subsequently giving form to the girl's soul.

How else will Marie be influencing Ren's life now that she has become part of his reality? What did Shirou mean when he said that what made Ren different was that he had a trump card in the person of Marie, who was the reason that he has his powers in the first place?

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