Dirk Nowitzki Defends Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo

After a tough week for Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo, it appears that Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki is coming to Romo’s defense.

Dirk took to twitter Monday morning to tweet his support for the quarterback. Dirk tweeted: “Dear tony romo. Don't worry abt all the critics.”

"I heard that same garbage for a long time. Keep working hard and keep improving."

Nowitzki famously received harsh critiques during his tenure with the Mavericks before the team won an NBA championship this past season.

That support may be helpful for Romo who is receiving criticism due to his loss on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. The Cowboys blew a 27-3 lead to lose the game 34-30.

Analysts have questioned his decision-making during games and even began to wonder if the Cowboys could ever win a championship with Romo as their quarterback. To make matters worse, a video surfaced Monday showing Romo snubbing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones after the loss to Detroit.

Even after the snub and harsh criticism from sport analysts, Jerry Jones is still 100 percent behind Tony Romo.

Jones issued a statement saying “I view the success we have, I view what he does well and I put the mistakes right in with what he does well and don't in any way get discouraged about our future with Tony," adding "There's no issue about faith in Romo, any place in this organization, period. If you're going to try to make plays, then you've got a chance to have some bad plays. But however we go, we'll go with Tony. As Tony goes, we'll go."

Former Cowboys player Drew Pearson took issue with the tweet on KESN’s radio program, saying: “Hey Dirk, this is football, this ain't basketball. This is a real game where a lot of emotions play a lot more heavily into what you're doing out there as a professional. I respect Dirk, there's no question, and I know where he's coming from because he has sustained the criticism and now the criticism has stopped because they won an NBA championship. So what he should be telling Tony is if you want to stop the criticism, quit making those kinds of mistakes and lead your team to a championship.

The Dallas Cowboys are on a bye this week, and will return to face the New England Patriots on Sunday October 16th.