Donald Trump Approval Ratings April 2017: Half of the Population Is Pleased?

(Photo: Reuters/Joshua Roberts)U.S. President Donald Trump arrives for the swearing in ceremony of Judge Neil Gorsuch as an Associate Supreme Court Justice in April 2017.

It looks like a lot of people are pleased with how President Donald Trump is doing his job. But is the survey really accurate? Allegations say it does not seem like it.

Just recently ratings from a survey about how Americans like Trump's presidency surfaced on the internet. The survey from Rasmussen claims that half of the population approves the President's performance. The report also suggests that this is the first time Trump has received 50 percent approval.

Rasmussen got its results by surveying "500 likely voters per night" via telephone. On the flipside, those who do not own telephones anymore, they were randomly selected and interviewed by polls available online, as per the website.

Last month, reports note that Trump's approval rating dropped at 36 percent. The responses were tracked for three days, from March 24 to 26. The reports also suggested that it was Trump's lowest rating ever since he became the President of the United States.

Now, his rating increased and it looks like he is really happy about it. Trump was quick to notice the news. Reports note he even retweeted a post that was linked to the Rasmussen poll.

Is the survey really accurate? It does not seem like it.

According to CNN, the said survey from Rasmussen raised a lot of questions. For one, the site did not state as to how they picked its "likely voters."

Another thing that is questionable is that the site interviewed people online. More people who use the internet are mostly younger; thus, it favors the president more as many youngsters prefer him. The site also did not clarify how they interviewed people via phone.

Furthermore, it turns out, in a different poll, Trump only received a 41 percent approval. In addition, Gallup released another survey. Gallup's poll revealed that many of the population now thinks that Trump can no longer bring positive changes to the country.