'Dragon Ball FighterZ' News: The Upcoming Game's Story Mode Will Feature Evil Clones

Still unclear exactly who is in control of the clones
Bandai NamcoThe clones as they appear inside 'Dragon Ball FighterZ'

Developers have already confirmed that there will be a Story Mode included in "Dragon Ball FighterZ," and they have even talked about how it will be presented to players.

There are still some questions remaining about this Story Mode, however, including one about who will be the actual antagonists in it.

Even so, it seems that at least some of the antagonists players will have to deal with have now been confirmed.

Spotted recently by Shoryuken, the folks over at Bandai America are now promoting two "Limited Edition GameStop-exclusive Dragon Stars figures from the upcoming DRAGON BALL FighterZ game."

What was really interesting about the tweet from Bandai America was what it revealed about the characters being depicted by the aforementioned figures. First off, the tweet confirmed that they were indeed clones, and then it added that they have "arrived to threaten the safety of the planet."

Essentially, the tweet confirmed that the clones that have been showing up in trailers thus far really are going to be featured enemies inside "Dragon Ball FighterZ." In all likelihood, the clones will be appearing in the game's Story Mode.

Notably, even though the figures were only for clones of Goku and Vegeta, there are others expected to be included in the game. A previously released story trailer for the game showed that there will also be clones of Piccolo and Krillin, and there may be others that have just not been seen thus far.

Though the clones have been confirmed as enemies, it is still unclear exactly where they came from and who may have been responsible for creating them.

Given that she has a scientific background and a seemingly sinister disposition, there is a good chance that Android 21 could be the individual behind the creation of the clones.

More news about "Dragon Ball FighterZ's" Story Mode should be made available in the near future.