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Earthquake Oklahoma: Quake is a Sign of End Times, Declares Pastor

Earthquake Oklahoma: Quake is a Sign of End Times, Declares Pastor

A 5.6-magnitude earthquake has rattled Oklahoma causing Pastor Paul Begley to believe the end is near.

In a YouTube video, the pastor expressed shock over the quake’s presence in the state, which damaged homes and roads sending several to the hospital.

“Earthquake in Oklahoma? What? Are you serious,” Begley exclaimed in the video. The self-proclaimed Biblical prophet from Texas discussed excerpts from the Bible that he feels predicted the event.

According to the pastor, the quake is a sign of the world coming to an end soon.

“You know, the Bible says that the last days they will be earthquake in a diverse places, Jesus said these signs will come as we get closer to the end,” said Begley.

“There’s a lot of good Christian people in Oklahoma who felt the rumbling tumbling power of God,” the pastor explained of the Saturday quake and aftershocks, and says other Biblical prophesies are also materializing today.

The pastor mentioned the quake in Washington, D.C. that cracked the Washington Monument which he also said was prophesied by the Bible.

Begley adds that the Bible predicted everything from the war in Iran to dead birds in Arkansas last year.

Watch Begley’s video here.

The state’s strongest quake ever rattled a college football stadium 50 miles from the epicenter. Time magazine spoke with Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon, who felt the tremors.

“That shook up the place, had a lot of people nervous,” said Blackmon of the quake. “It was pretty strong.”

In Prague, Oklahoma, the library’s ceiling collapsed sending its chimney through the roof of a home next door, according to city manager Jim Greff. Also, the city’s highway buckled in three places; fortunately no serious injuries were reported.


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