Eastwood Wife Rehab? Dina Eastwood Suffering From Depression and Anxiety, No Comment From Clint Eastwood (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Phil McCarten)Director Clint Eastwood arrives at the 63rd annual DGA Awards dinner in Los Angeles January 29, 2011.

Clint Eastwood's wife is in rehab, according to new reports out this week.

Dina Eastwood, has reportedly entered a rehab facility for depression and anxiety.

Sources close to the Hollywood legend's wife have told TMZ that she entered an exclusive facility in Arizona, confirming that she will not be treated for substance abuse.

The Eastwood family has refused to make any comment on the news about the 47-year-old, who stars in her own E! reality show titled Mrs. Eastwood & Company. 

Some reports have claimed that her hospitalization was brought about by stress in her marriage to the film director. They have not been pictured together since 2011 and were seen arguing at his daughter Alison's wedding in March, according to Daily Mail. 

Alison married chainsaw sculptor Stacy Poitras in a small ceremony at the Saddlepeak Lodge, but the family of the bride were not completely happy at the occasion. They were in disagreement over Dina's decision to put her personal life on television.

"Clint was noticeably subdued and I did not see him speak much to Dina," an eyewitness said. "Alison's mother Maggie Johnson was over the moon, but in my opinion, Clint did not look happy."

The tensions remained high even at the reception.

"Clint retreated to the far end of the table," a source said. "He and Dina sat together, but they didn't look happy and barely interacted with each other."

Dina previously stated that her 82-year-old spouse was not happy with her choice to put her life on such public display.

"He's not doing cartwheels, but we've been married for 16 years. He knew what he was getting into," she said.

"Clint has faith in me and the kids. I'm the sergeant; he's the lover. He's like, 'Oh, let the gals have fun.' He appears in episodes because he's a good husband, but none focus on our marriage. It's about me being a haggard mom."

Dina and Eastwood have a 16-year old daughter named Morgan, who also appears on the reality TV show. However, Clint rarely appears on the show, despite the program being about his family.

Here is a video news report into the rehab news: