Eminem 'Marshall Mathers LP 2' Childhood Home Badly Burned in Unsolved Fire

Rapper Eminem's childhood home was badly burned in a fire on Thursday, according to reports from out of Detroit, Michigan.

The home, which is featured on the cover of the Marshall Mathers LP, and the recently released, Marshall Mathers LP 2, was discovered at 6:20 p.m. by firemen who put the flames out of a second story boarded up window. Firefighters are uncertain of what caused the fire, and some of the second floor was badly damaged.

"Just went inside and everything was burnt down. Two days ago, it was fine," fan Matt Toporek told the Detroit Free Press. "I don't know who does this, but this is a Detroit legend."

Eminem initially tweeted a picture of his boarded up childhood home on Twitter in September with the Eminem logo and album title in the top right corner. Around the house are tall weeds and the home appears to have been abandoned for awhile. This was his first hint as to what the cover would be.

In the original Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem is sitting on the steps of the house and the photo is set in black and white.
The home is just south of 8 Mile Road, and is located on 19946 Dresden Street.

With Detroit's struggling economic state, the housing market has most homes at astonishingly low prices. Em's former home is up for auction by Michigan Land Bank. There is a minimum bid of $1, and the home is listed for $32, 675.

"In a case like this, if the property is blighted, or the whole neighborhood is blighted, it would be unusual to get a buyer," said Kim Homan, executive director of the Michigan Land Bank according to Daily Mail. "Nobody knew it was Eminem's home, either. But with the neighborhood being rough..."

Reports from Detroit Free Press have indicated that the rapper's mother, Debbie Nelson, bought the house in 1987 for $19,900.